How it works

Your Free Call

Find a campaign and claim your free call. A crowdsourced lobbyist will then call and lobby your politician on your behalf and record the conversation for you to listen to later.

Pay It Forward
For Others

If possible, pay-it-forward by purchasing calls for others to claim. It's only a few dollars and will help amplify the cause even further. A portion of the proceeds are donated the campaigns non-profit.

Create Your
Own Campaign

Create your own campaigns for the causes you care about most. It's super easy, free, and way more effective than creating regular petition campaigns.

Amplifyd campaigns are 14-36x more effective than signing petitions*

Earn Money By Becoming a Paid Caller

You could be making $12- $30/hour lobbying politicians on the behalf of others. Set your own schedule and work from anywhere.

Amplify Your Cause

Non-Profit Beneficiaries

Each campaign has a non-profit beneficiary choosen by the campaign creator. A portion of the proceeds from each call is donated to this non-profit.

Campaign Guardians

Additionally, non-profit beneficiaries have the power to dissapprove a campaign if they believe it's in violation of their ethics or our stated terms for acceptable campaigns. Learn more.

*Survey by the Congressional Management Foundation of congressional staffers

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