What happens when I claim a call?

An activist will call and lobby your elected official related to the campaign's issue when you claim a call, by either purchasing it, or by claiming a free call that has been bought by someone else. The activist will present the case and urge the official to vote in line with the cause you are supporting. They will describe you and state that you are pledging to withhold your vote in the future if your official doesn't act accordingly if you have made this selection.

If you purchased your call, your money will go to the caller lobbying on your behalf and to the non-profit beneficiary listed on the campaign.

What happens when I purchase calls for others?

The calls you purchase for others will be made available for others to claim, helping amplify the collective voice of the campaign

How do I know my calls are actually being completed?

Every call that's made on your behalf will be recorded. If you have purchased a call for yourself or others for the campaign, you'll be able to listen to the recording.

Why does my address need to be within the community of a campaign?

Each campaign has a specified community. Some are nationwide, which would be available to anyone in the U.S., while others could be determined by state, county, city or globally. In order to buy a call for a campaign, you'll need to be a resident of that community. We'll use your address to look up your representative.

Is there a limit to how many calls I can purchase?

Nope. You can purchase as many calls as you want.

Is there a limit to how many free calls I can make?

Nope. You can make as many calls for yourself as you want.

Why should I buy more than one paid call?

The more, the better. This is your chance to have your voice heard, and help amplify the cause by making calls available for others to claim. Every call you purchase shows how passionate and committed you are to the campaign's cause.

Who will make the paid call on my behalf?

Activists will be calling and lobbying on your behalf.

How long does it take for my call to be made?

It depends on how many calls are ahead of you and how many people are signed up as callers for the campaign. It could take less than 24 hours or up to several weeks.

What happens if the campaign is closed or won before someone makes my call?

You will be refunded for every outstanding calls purchased that have not yet been completed.

Who gets my money when I purchase calls?

A portion of your money goes to the non-profit beneficiary listed on the campaign, a portion goes to the caller and a portion goes to us to help grow the site and add more features.

How will I know when a call is completed?

When a call is completed, you'll receive an email from us notifying you.

How long do I have to review the call?

You'll have 7 days from the call completion date to flag the call if needed, but you'll be able to rate and leave feedback for the caller at anytime.

When should I flag a paid call?

You should flag a call if the caller didn't accurately represent the campaign or the call was incomplete (i.e. they abruptly hung up the phone).

Please make sure that your computer's volume is up before flagging any call. And please don't flag calls simply because the caller left a voicemail. Many politicians maintain special lines for their constituents to leave their opinions. These messages are listened to and tracked by your elected officials.

What happens if I flag a call?

If you flag a call, the call will go back into your calling queue for another person to call on your behalf.

The person that made the call will not receive credit for the call and therefore not be paid, so make sure to only flag calls that meet the guidelines in the question above.

Will I be able to listen to the call recording indefinitely from my account?

No, you'll have 6 months before the recording is deleted permanently.

How can I become a paid caller?

Anyone can become a paid caller! Simply find a campaign you want to become a caller for and click on the "Become a Paid Caller" link. If you don't already have an account, you'll need to create one. If you have an account, simply login and then you'll be asked to provide your banking details. This is how you'll get paid for the calls you make.

Who creates and manages the campaigns?

Campaigns are created and managed by individuals like you.

What am I responsible for as the campaign creator?

You will be responsible for managing the accuracy of the information you display on your campaigns. You'll need to select who is to be called, and provide callers with a calling script to follow.

What should I include or not include in a calling script?

You should include an introduction, explanation of the issue and the request you are making of the representative being called. You will also be able to dynamically insert data about the person being called and the person you're calling for by using our script keys.

You can read more about writing an effect script here and learn about the script keys here.

Can I message supporters and paid callers?

Yup. You'll be able to keep in contact with your supporters, call leaders and callers through our update center.

Who can sign up to be a paid caller for my campaign?

Anyone can sign up to be a caller for your campaign!

What ensures paid callers are accurately reflecting the objectives of my campaign?

Every call is recorded. This insures that callers accurately reflect the objectives of the campaign. If a caller misrepresented the campaign or didn't actually say anything, etc, the call will most likely get flagged by the callee and they won't get credit for that call.

Where can I find FAQ's for paid callers?

You can find all the FAQ's for callers here.

Where can I find FAQ's for non-profits?

You can find all the FAQ's for campaigners here.

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