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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: October 18th, 2023

Our FAQs are here to help our customers. We're continuously expanding and updating the information on this page as we add more features and functionality to Amplifyd.

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About Amplifyd

Amplifyd is a premier auction house for influential artists and music brands to sell their collections, unique collectibles, and experiences. We are dedicated to curating exceptional collections and unique offerings celebrating music, culture, and history. Our actions have gained a reputation for attracting passionate collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.


What are the requirements for bidding on an Auction item?

Are there any verification requirements for bidding on an Auction item?

What is the Reserve Price?

What is Maximum Bidding?

What are the Bid Increments?

Will I be notified if I am outbid?

Can I cancel or retract a bid?

What is Bid Sniping, and how does Amplifyd prevent it?

What is the Buyer's Premium?

I won the auction. What happens next?

How long do I have to pay?

What forms of payment are accepted for purchases?

Why is the amount charged to my credit card different than the advertised price?

Do you offer any payment plans on Auctions?


How do I arrange the experience I won or purchased?

I purchased an Experience that was canceled. What shall I do now?

The Experience I purchased didn't happen. What shall I do now?

My Experience wasn't offered as advertised. What can I do now?

Fixed Price Listings (Merchandise)

How do physical goods and merchandise sold at a fixed price or “Buy It Now” differ from Auctions?

What's the status of my order?

Who can I contact if there's a problem with my order, including loss, damage, or the item received is not as described.

Where is the Merchandise sent from?


Where can I find my Downloads?

The file seems damaged. What can I do?

Is there a limit to how often I can download files?

I purchased downloads in your previous beta test. How can I access this old material?

Why can Downloads only be purchased on the website and not the app?

Orders, Shipping & Handling

How do I check the status of my order?

When will I receive my item?

Will I receive a tracking number?

How are shipping and handling fees calculated?

If I purchase multiple items from the same Auction, will I receive a shipping discount?

What are the shipping and return policies of an item sold at an auction?

Does Amplifyd Ship Worldwide?

How do I change my shipping address?

Will my purchase be insured for the full value, and will I have to pay Import Duty?

How much does Insurance cost, and must I pay for it?

Will my purchase come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

What happens if I accidentally throw away or misplace a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA)? Can I get a new one?

Who can I contact if there's a problem with my order?

Who is responsible for sending the goods?

Localized Languages and Currencies

What languages are available on Amplifyd?

Can I select the currency when buying an item?

Delete Account

How do I delete my Amplifyd user profile?

Other Questions:
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