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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: February 1st, 2023

Our FAQs are here to help Artists and Fans. We‘re continuously expanding and updating the information on this page as we add more features and functionality to Amplifyd.

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For Artists And Brand Partnerships

Does Amplifyd help me manage and fulfill Experiences?

What happens if a fan wants to cancel an Experience after they've completed their purchase?

What happens if I need to cancel a booked Experience?


What is the Reserve Price?

What is Bid Sniping, and how does Amplifyd prevent it?

What is the Buyer's Premium

How long does the winning bidder have to pay?

What are the shipping and return policies for an item sold at an auction?


Can Amplifyd help me create Merch?

Can I integrate my Merch or fulfillment company directly into my Amplifyd store?

Can I do pre-orders on Amplifyd?


What file formats can I self-upload?

Is there a maximum file size I can upload?

Can I create free downloads?

Can I upload and sell my music that has been licensed for release by a label?

Can I connect a Download to another purchase? (e.g. Vinyl + Download)

Can I replace a file I initially uploaded with a newer version?

Can I edit the title of an item after uploading?

How many times and how long will a buyer be able to download a file they have purchased?

What if I decide to delete a Download item from my store, including for those who previously purchased?

Does Amplifyd support split payments for featured artists, collaborative releases, or other?

Can I set up a pre-order of a Download on Amplifyd?

How are my files protected on Amplifyd?

Is Amplifyd registered for chart reporting?

Why can't Downloads be purchased on iOS?

Fan Data and Communication

How do I access the contact information of my fans on Amplifyd?

How can I use Amplifyd to send announcements to fans?

Can I send newsletters to fans via Amplifyd?

What is the difference between Notifications and Messages?

Payments, Commissions, and Fees

What is Amplifyd's fee?

Are there any other fees?

How do I receive payments from customers?

How does the money flow on Amplifyd after customer payment is made?

How do I request a withdrawal from my Stripe Account?

Can I be paid for items not yet fulfilled?

What forms of payment can fans use for purchases?

Localized Languages and Currencies

What languages are available on Amplifyd?

Can I select the currency for my payments?

When fans purchase from different countries, can they see prices in their local currency?


Does Amplifyd provide marketing assets or a social media plan?

Will Amplifyd advertise my inventory?

Third-Party Payment

Can Amplifyd make any Third-Party payments directly?

Delete Account

How do I delete my Amplifyd store?

For Fans And Customers

I purchased an Experience that was canceled. What shall I do now?

The Experience I purchased didn't happen. What shall I do now?

My Experience wasn't offered as advertised. What can I do now?


Who can I contact if there's a problem with my order?

Who's sending the Merchandise?


What are the requirements for bidding on an Auction item?

What is the Reserve Price?

What is Maximum Bidding?

What are the Bid Increments

Will I be notified if I am outbid?

Can I cancel or retract a bid?

What is Bid Sniping, and how does Amplifyd prevent it?

I won the auction. What happens next?

What is the Buyer's Premium

How long do I have to pay?

What are the shipping and return policies of an item sold at an auction?


Where can I find my Downloads?

The file I purchased seems damaged. What can I do?

Is there a limit to how often I can download?

I purchased downloads in your previous beta test. How can I access this old material?

Why can Downloads only be purchased on the website and not the app?

Localized Languages And Currencies

Can I select the currency when buying an item?

Delete Account

How do I delete my Amplifyd user profile?

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